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What are the hallmarks of a major television network? It distributes professionally-produced content from other sources such as movies. Check. It has millions of viewers. Check. It has its own original programming that is broadcast live daily. Check. Hmmm, it waddles, swims, and quacks like a duck, so I guess YouTube is now a duck. I mean, a major television network.

The latest development is the announced launch of “My Damn Channel LIVE” which is set to premiere next Wednesday at 4 PM Eastern. The host, Beth Hoyt, apparently provides the “live” component, and introduces clips from “more than 30″ comedy shows.


I mark this as an important milestone, even if the show will only run for 30 minutes on Wednesdays, and just 10 minutes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. (What? Does Beth have to be someplace else by 4:30 PM on those days?) Hey, it’s a start. And it demonstrates that Hollywood does not have a lock on live or recorded video production (as also demonstrated by online coverage of March Madness). I’ll be watching to see how successful this new YouTube program turns out to be.

Posted by Alfred Poor, March 22, 2012 6:00 AM

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