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From the Trenches - 2 Million 3D Ready Displays Already in the Home, but…

By Richard Fisher • Apr 6 2010, 3:32pm

If you purchased a Mitsubishi or Samsung DLP rear projection HDTV over the last 3 years, you might want to check your owners manual, spec sheet or back of the TV to confirm you are 3D ready. The fact is that many owners are unaware of the feature since it isn’t the reason they bought it to begin with. From experience in the field, many are bound to unwittingly consider replacing it for a 3D ready display when they may not need to.

If you are one of the current 2 million 3D DLP owners...


From the Trenches - How About 3D on Any Display?

By Richard Fisher • Feb 26 2010, 5:32pm

There are some mumblings on the internet about this possibility related to PS3 3D gaming but I can’t tell you if it is wishful thinking on the part of writers or rumors pulled from within engineering circles. I can tell you that the 720p specification is fully capable of delivering 1280x720 left/right eye high definition 3D at 30 frames even via broadcast DTV (although the content would not be 2D compatible and you would need a new receiver). I could be watching 3D today on my native 720p front projector via my PS3 (after firmware upgrade). Even the 1080i specification could deliver dedicated 3D using checkerboard encoding at 540p. One problem is...


From the Trenches - Who Wants 3D HDTV: Us or Them?

By Richard Fisher • Feb 23 2010, 8:30pm

3D is coming to a device near you, in the form of displays, broadcast TV, Blu-ray players mobile phones and new technology to convert 2D to 3D. While I am “up” on 3D technology, I was not aware of the mass market 3D infrastructure that had been put in place over the last few years until I attended the CEDIA show in Atlanta this past fall. 3D is coming, Blu-ray specs have been delivered and broadcast is just around the corner!

Wireless HDMI/HDTV

WirelessHD - Integrating Wireless HDMI For Displays

By Richard Fisher • Jan 15 2010, 4:35pm

A wireless solution to get rid of the audio and video cables for a display has been a focal point for many years now. While many wireless adapters have come to market the Achilles Heal has always been that none of these solutions could fully duplicate the capability (and more importantly the performance) of a wired HDMI connection. At CES 2008 the WirelessHD group announced they were developing a new wireless standard and technology that could!

At CES 2009 there were...


3D HDTV in the Home

By Richard Fisher • Jan 14 2010, 4:36pm

This is not a full technology report on 3D because there is still so much development going on and standards yet to be formulated. This report covers observation of 3D demos at CEDIA and what I have been told or have read about 3D that should remain true regardless of future standards.

During the Sony press conference at CEDIA we were told their goal...

HTPCs & Laptops

CEDIA 2009 Review: PC Home Theater Integration

By Richard Fisher • Dec 7 2009, 5:25pm

Still to this day, the PC world lacks the ability to fully integrate into a home media or theater system. Touching on all the ifs, ands and buts over the last 8 years would add a lot of length but it would add up to some feature or service not being available on a PC making a universal PC solution for all users impossible.

With the release of Windows 7...

New Products & Equipment

CEDIA 2009 Review: Mitsubishi

By Richard Fisher • Dec 3 2009, 5:31pm

While I had no intention of providing reports on manufacturers, the direction Mitsubishi has taken with rear projection and some design changes ended up a highlight for me.

They had their laser-driven rear projection DLP, marketed as LaserVue, at the show providing the only 3D demo of the active LCD shutter system for Mitsubishi (there were three demos from others at the convention). Oddly enough there was not any promotion of this new laser light driven technology which left me wondering why they were going through the trouble. I did press a representative over what Mitsubishi hopes to accomplish with this technology and...

Events & TradeshowsInternet HD Video

CEDIA 2009 Review: Whole House Automation

By Richard Fisher • Dec 2 2009, 5:27pm

If the product in your home accepts a remote command, has an RS232 serial interface or access to the internet, there are numerous products out there for whatever you want to control from a central or remote location. Think big and out of the box; if the current product in your home lacks a particular feature, there is likely another you can buy that doesn’t!

Speakercraft had a press conference on the March 2010 release of the Nirv system. They claim to...

Environment / Green

CEDIA 2009 Review: LCD Gets Greener, Along with a Facelift

By Richard Fisher • Dec 1 2009, 5:56pm

The change in LCD display cabinet finishes along with the new LED lighting system was the game changing highlight of the show for me!

Regardless of manufacturer or backlighting technology, it appeared all LCDs displays received a facelift in the form of a new shiny glass-like screen throwing out the anti-glare screens of the past. It’s some form of Plexiglas along with an added optical coating to improve contrast and naturally it works quite well. Gone are the days of SSE (Silk Screen Effect) that we have been seeing on micro-display rear projection and LCD flat panels. My first newbie question upon my first arrival at a manufacturer’s booth was...

Internet HD Video

CEDIA 2009 Review: Multimedia Directly To Your Display

By Richard Fisher • Nov 30 2009, 5:30pm

This is one area that has trickled its way down to regular folks and CEDIA was chock-full of products that provide it, along with whole-house automation to run it. What was different was the expansion of more new ways to view, listen, stream and capture content directly at the display. Samsung and others are including...


CEDIA 2009 Review: More Motion Flow Processing

By Richard Fisher • Nov 30 2009, 3:55am

Motion flow processing has played a huge role in the marketing of LCD product, turning what used to be negative into an unnecessary marketing positive. At first it was 120 Hz processing and now the big hype is 240 Hz processing; bigger numbers infer better. The common misperception is that motion flow processing is all about compensating for LCD pixel speed when actually the main purpose is to remove the potentially objectionable strobe effect of 30 and 24 frame content that appears most strongly with high contrast displays, like an LCD. All displays suffer from this artifact to some degree with contrast ratio playing the greatest role. For a deeper understanding...

Service & Repair

HDTV TLC: Mounting Your HDTV Over the Fireplace

By Richard Fisher • Nov 21 2009, 12:00am

Ah, flat screen TV … just what so many were waiting for to put on the wall, mostly inspired by Hollywood and television programs over the decades. Yep, putting that flat screen on your wall is the Buck Rogers thing to do for so many of us. What most people don’t know is that by doing so you have made yourself responsible for additional services and charges if the product fails.

All service programs...

HDTV Displays

Portable TV and the Haier HLT717

By Richard Fisher • Oct 8 2009, 4:39pm

This story actually starts with a DVD Audio player! DVD Audio is a defunct HD audio format from 2001 (along with SACD) that brings the master recording to your home. Unfortunately the DVD forum and mastering houses failed in execution of this new standard making many of the titles auto play for multi-channel only, not stereo; an irritating premise for a 2 channel audiophile minimalist requiring a video monitor to navigate the menus to the stereo tracks. Indeed, DVD Audio listening time was few and far between due to this hassle.

What my DVD Audio world needed was an inexpensive, small LCD display with quick and convenient disconnects...

Service & Repair

HDTV TLC: Projection Lamp Failure and Replacement

By Richard Fisher • Aug 7 2009, 3:51pm

If you suspect lamp failure the first step is to check your owner's manual, which will tell you how to read/interpret the indicator lights on the front of your TV or on your front projector. If you do not have the owners manual, odds are very high you can find it on the internet and download it. Manufacturers often times provide these manuals on their web sites.

A lamp timer...


HD Waveform - CinemaScope, Zoom Versus Anamorphic

By Richard Fisher • Jul 27 2009, 3:10pm

This is an exciting time for home theater and one for which I have been waiting; the ability to properly display CinemaScope content in its native aspect ratio, duplicating the experience of your local film theater where CinemaScope content is larger, growing left to right as the side curtains are pulled back to reveal more screen for a larger image.

Check the A/V and videophile magazines for this year. Odds are quite high that they had advertising for cinemascope screens, lenses or compatible projectors. A new term has appeared in front projection reviews and specs called "Panamorph lens compatible/capable", which was also supported by...

HDTV Displays

Mitsubishi LT-46148 LCD HDTV - On the Test Bench

By Richard Fisher • Mar 19 2009, 4:06pm

This portion of the review details how the Mitsubishi LT-46148 LCD HDTV performed on the test bench. Please read the Mitsubishi LT-46148 LCD HDTV Review Essentials, if you have not already.

RGB 0-255 can't pass below black because black is 0. Unfortunately the same goes for YPbPr 16-235 yet with that video signal black is 16 so it could if designed to do so. Bottom line, no below black signals will pass. While not a severe error, it is one that Videophiles should take note of since some small portion of consumer video content will exceed 16 or 235 by a few notches and an ISF calibration would setup a display to account for that anomaly. This one...

HDTV Displays

Mitsubishi LT-46148 LCD HDTV - Review Essentials

By Richard Fisher • Mar 18 2009, 4:29pm

LCD has come a long way since just a few years ago, taking over the flat panel market up to about 50" in screen size. While Mitsubishi is far better known for rear projection DLP since the demise of CRT, market forces can't be ignored and consumers remain spellbound by the flat panel concept in their homes. Let's see what Mitsubishi has to offer and how their LCD products compare.

Since last year Mitsubishi has offered 40", 46" and 52" models and the LT46148 is part of their current line of 1920x1080 displays.

Upconverting DVD Players

OPPO DV-983H Upconverting DVD Player - On the Test Bench

By Richard Fisher • Jan 8 2009, 7:37pm

The very ability to inspect and view an HDMI video source goes directly against the copyright capability of the connection since the means to see it would infer a means to steal it. At this time the Panasonic PTAE-1000U has been kept in the stable just for the purpose of using the Wave Form Monitor feature. While the Wave Form Monitor does suffer when looking at high frequency response video such as bursts, it is also the perfect tool for checking IRE levels and color decoding. This does come with the limitation of only being able to check YPbPr output, preventing me from verifiying the switching to RGB output that would be required for a DVI input. Some of the results are based on visual calibration checks as well as signal and are noted. All tests were performed using Digital Video Essentials as the source material.

Upconverting DVD Players

OPPO DV-983H Upconverting DVD Player - Review Essentials

By Richard Fisher • Jan 7 2009, 11:15pm

Since 2006, OPPO has been providing a DVD performance envelope covering the main feature, the movie, at roughly the $200 mark directly competing with other players and external scalers costing $1000 plus. They have been earning my recommendation since then along with a full model line review last year. When it was announced that OPPO was releasing a flag ship DVD player at nearly double the price, I requested a review sample to find out how OPPO has raised the bar on an already very successful product line.

As with past models...


HD Waveform - Vertical and Horizontal Filtering

By Richard Fisher • Jul 31 2008, 3:16pm

While rarely mentioned over the decades, vertical filtering, which removes horizontal detail in your image, has been around as long as CRT has and is still used to this day in displays and source scaling. Even with the arrival of DTV in 1998, vertical filtering was commonly used in the video circuits of consumer 1080i HDTV CRT displays. For this article we are looking at vertical or horizontal filtering related to luminance response.

The first step with horizontal and vertical filtering is...