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One of the more reliable sources in television technology information and history is Mark Schubin. From his perch in New York City this renowned television engineer and historian administers a number of important consulting and advisory assignments here and abroad. His much sought-after views and wisdom can also be found in numerous publications, including his own e-mail distributed "Mark's Monday Memo" (while generally available his "memo" is directed to the professional ranks).

A pod-cast series highlighting the technology choices made for HDTV was recently initiated by Schubin and CMP Entertainment Media (for which he also writes). The current issue is of a particular interest to those seeking a scientific understanding of those things that influenced system choices for HDTV. Schubin brings obscure knowledge to the surface in a clear, concise audio explanation, one which can be played over and over again until the subject is mastered. I recommend this issue as it will aid you in your own understanding of TV resolution, contrast ratios, and what you see at what viewing distances. To access this issue of the "Report" click on the following URL:

As a companion to the podcast you will find a series of referenced web sites about the visibility of HDTV. (Referenced links: Contrast Sensitivity Function: http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?rtr=on&s=fli,leyf,1h9d,3ru,e47d,cyqb,jmls & Angry Man: http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?rtr=on&s=fli,leyf,1h9d,7cyd,j691,cyqb,jmls

Posted by Dale Cripps, July 11, 2006 10:23 AM

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Dale Cripps is a professional journalist who has focused two thirds of his career on the subject of high-definition television. Upon completing his education in business and service in the military he formed Cripps and Associates, South Pasadena, California, in 1964, which operated as a market-development company for aerospace services. In 1983 he turned to television and began what has become a 20 year campaign to pioneer HDTV. For fifteen of those years he published the well-regarded HDTV Newsletter (an international monthly written for television professionals). During much of this same time he also served as the HDTV-Technical Editor for "Widescreen Review Magazine." On November 16, 1998 he launched the Internet distributed HDTV Magazine, which remains the only consumer publication devoted exclusively to high-definition television. In April of 2002 he co-founded with Tedson Meyers of Coudert Bros, the High-definition Television Association of America, which is presently based in Washington DC. Cripps is the president of this organization. Mr. Cripps is a charter member of the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers and honored by that organization with the DTV Press Leadership Award of 2002. He makes his home in Oregon.